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Valentine's Day is coming up fast, and what better way to celebrate it than to knit lots and lots of hearts? So I thought I'd share my Heart Knitting Pattern with you! I developed this design as a kind of 'punctuation' to my Bubble Writing Alphabet, along with an ampersand and an exclamation mar ...
Posted by WombleKnits on 18 January 2021 15:53
I've always hated the wastefulness of wrapping paper.  We always used to manage to fill a big black bin bag with rubbish at Christmas, even though there have never been more than 7 of us, and that rubbish was always just shoved into the bin without a thought.  I could never help thinking w ...
Posted by WombleKnits on 29 November 2020 12:18
Halloween is coming up fast!  It's going to be a little different this year, in more ways than one!  But one GREAT change would be to make it more eco-friendly. How? Read on... 1. Make your own decorations I love the idea of these paper spider webs (think snowflakes, adjusted for Hallo ...
Posted by WombleKnits on 06 October 2020 17:58
Hi Womblers! It's been another busy month here at Casa WombleKnits, but a very productive one.  I've got more products listed at and I've got some exciting new ranges coming for autumn, winter, Halloween and Christmas! But most exciting of all?  I have a fabulous offe ...
Posted by WombleKnits on 13 September 2020 16:17
Hi, I'm Anna and I'd like to invite you in to the world of WombleKnits.  Where my twin passions of sustainability and knitting meet and have babies, in the shape of cotton mesh shopping bags, soap saver sacks and wool nappy soakers, to name just a few! I began WombleKnits back in early 2017, s ...
Posted by Anna Funnell on 08 August 2020 18:30
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