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Reusable gift bags

A range of reusable gift bags in different, very useful sizes.  Small pouches for precious gifts, sacks for bigger gifts, and bottle bags for those... adult gifts!

Because they're knitted, they're very stretchy and easily hold a wide range of different shapes and sizes.  This means they can be reused over and over again.

Get a named gift sack and reuse it for a family member every year, or buy an unpersonalised one that can be regifted from person to person forever!

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Personalised gift sacks
Reusable hand knitted personalised wool gift sacks
Personalised gift pouches
Personalised reusable hand knitted wool gift pouches
Personalised bottle gift bags
Personalised reusable bottle gift bags hand knitted to order in 100% wool
Bottle gift bags - ready made
Reusable hand knitted ready to ship bottle gift bags
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